Water Proofing & Systems

BuildingLink and Aware

3080 Yonge St., Suite 5000

Toronto, ON M4N 3N1

Telephone: (416)570-4570

BuildingLink helps thousands of buildings run smoothly and efficiently using technology ahead of the competition. Aware Leak Detection is a moisture and leak detection solution for monitoring, measuring and mitigating water damage.

Glengarry Chemicals Ltd.

33 Melford Dr., Unit 6

Toronto, ON M1B 2G6

Telephone: (416)757-1333


5 - 321 Anchor Rd.

Hamilton, ON L8W 3R1

Telephone: (905)515-5879

HCTS provides cooling tower repairs, refurbishment & preventative maintenance, epoxy, polyurethane & polyurea coatings, safety access equipment & related services. We are fully insured, offer competitive pricing and guarantee fast lead times.

Hytec Water Management

Telephone: (800)735-3658

Hytec Water Management has been a Canadian leader in pipe corrosion and pinhole leak prevention for over 30 years, helping over 600 customers avoid costly domestic water re-piping projects.


123 Consortium Court

London, ON N6E 2S8

Telephone: (855)946-1783

LEaC Shield will prevent pinholes in water pipes – never replace your pipes. WATERSHIELD will monitor water use 24/7, note hidden losses, report on-line, and can even stop floods.

Ontario Pipe Lining Ltd.

358 Hearns Rd.

Frankford, ON

Telephone: (416)500-8509

Water Damage Prevention Alliance of Ontario