Landscaping and Gardening Services

Bartlett Tree Experts

1950 Ellesmere Rd., Unit 16

Toronto, ON M1H 2V8

Telephone: (416)891-5708

Boot’s Landscaping & Maintenance

28 Colston Ct.

Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9Z2

Telephone: (905)764-5455

Ecosense Intelligent Irrigation

28 Colston Court

Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9Z2

Telephone: (905)889-4100

Four Seasons Tree Care

6282 Bloomington Side Road

Stouffville, ON L4A 2Z5

Telephone: (416)410-8770

Glenwood Tree Service Inc.

Telephone: (416)450-8990


23 Passmore Avenue

Toronto, ON M1V 4T1

Telephone: (416)412-2100

Urban Garden

25 Canvarco Rd.

Toronto, ON M4G 1L4

Telephone: (416)465-1485

Urban Garden specializes in commercial and condominium properties within Toronto; helping property managers exceed their client’s expectations with professional landscape maintenance services, creative designs, and attractive planting displays.