Energy Services - Gas

Alpha Oil

490 Garyray Dr.

Weston, ON M9L 1P8

Telephone: (416)745-6131

Comsatec Inc.

365 Parkside Dr.

Toronto, ON M6R 2Z5

Telephone: (416)620-7055

Comsatec helps condo corporations reduce their energy costs. We are a reseller of natural gas to large buildings. We also provide metering and reporting services for electricity and natural gas.

Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.

2255 Sheppard Avenue East. Suite 410, Atria 1

Toronto, ON M2J 4Y1

Telephone: (416)495-5656

Sipco Diesel Inc.

83 Six Points Road

Toronto, ON M8Z 2X3

Telephone: (416)232-2262