September 2019

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  • Condominium Authority of Ontario Year Two Report Card – Our annual review of the Condominium Authority of Ontario’s efforts
  • The Cost to Manage a Condo Corporation – Revenue and Expense Statement for a 35 year old community in strong financial position despite major upcoming expenditures
  • Intelligent Leak Protection
  • Boards Breaking the Rules
  • Abolishing Condo Boards
  • Security Robots Available to Rent
  • Fire Department Reviews Smoke Control Systems
  • Laws are Changing to Support Condominium Living
  • Who Repairs Condo Damage
  • New Energy Reporting Requirements
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Meeting Minutes are Not ….
  • Artificial Intelligence for Condominium Managers
  • Energy Audits and Energy Consultants
  • In-Suite Cleaning and Maintenance Assistance
  • Short-Term Leasing Enforcement Across Canada
  • Be Influential by Being Respectful
  • Tower Revitalization
  • Conflict of Interest Conflict
  • Leasing Condo Suites Unprofitable
  • Joy of Vinyl
  • Retail Stores are Amenities
  • A Cyclists’ City

August 2019

  • Automated Vehicles are Coming – Automated vehicles appear to be just around the corner. This could change the nature of automobiles, and condo communities, in ways few have considered.
  • The Truth is Out There – Condo corporations are intended to be immune from belief over fact and logic. Many have fallen into the trap of failing to believe facts available to them. Consequences can be dire.
  • Classic Condo Living Mistakes
  • Electric Vehicle Charging not Condo Ready

July 2019

  • Condos, Co-ops and Co-ownership – Those who choose to purchase a home and desire “condo living” have three options each of which provide unique advantages
  • Rethinking Transportation for a Vertical City – Cities have developed innovations that can revolutionize public transit in Toronto and the GTA
  • Renting on Airbnb – Follow the rules
  • Fob Counterfeiting

June 2019

  • Condo Corporations in the Era of Social Media – Understand and navigate social media to communicate without conflict
  • Flying the Canadian Flag – Fly the Canadian flag on Canada Day within the limits of condo rules
  • CAO omg – Costing out the Condominium Authority of Ontario
  • Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program – Update

May 2019

  • Condo Economics – Living in a shared community can place a cost on certain personal choices
  • BBQing on Condo Balconies – By-laws, regulations and rules governing BBQ use in condos and high-rise buildings
  • Interviewing Prospective Board Candidates – What questions to ask them
  • Emergency Preparations in a Vertical City

April 2019

  • Welcome to Condo Living – The experience of a condo owner and reluctant director
  • How the Condo Authority Tribunal Should Work – Results thus far have been disappointing
  • Toronto Initiates High-Rise Preventative Maintenance Blitz
  • Renting Provides Financial Freedom

March 2019

  • Which is Better – Condo or Single Family Home – Primary considerations for determining if condo living is for you
  • Discrimination in Condo Communities – What constitutes discrimination is unclear and goes beyond what is prohibited by law
  • Water is the New Fire – Flooding problems exceed those relating to fire
  • Reserve Fund Studies should be a Team Effort – A condo board, condominium manager and reserve fund study provider all have pertinent information that should be incorporated in the reserve fund study

February 2019

  • Cannabis Survey of Condo Residents – Condo residents have clear opinions on how their boards should deal with cannabis (marijuana) in their homes
  • The Condo Act and Car Charging Stations – New regulations for installation of electric vehicle charging stations in condo buildings affect condo corporations and residents
  • Turning around Bad Condo Boards – Two condo corporations with different outcomes
  • Powers of a Condo Board – Condo boards have broad authority per the Condo Act and the corporation’s governing documents

January 2019

  • Predictions for 2019 – Toronto Condo News identifies the four main concerns likely to be at the top of condo community agendas for 2019
  • Condo Communities Unprepared For Cannabis Legislation – The impact of cannabis legalization on condo communities
  • Fees for Fire Services – The cost of each false fire alarm
  • Auditor’s Role in Condo Corporations – The condo auditor’s responsibilities do not include detecting fraud

December 2018

  • Condo Corporations; A World Leader in Energy Conservation – Toronto’s condo community can lead the world in energy conservation while saving vast amounts of money
  • The Surprising Cost of Receiving Packages – The cost of this convenience can be of great concern to condo directors
  • Do Amenities Justify their Cost
  • Increasing Property Values – Advice from real estate professionals

November 2018

  • Time Management for Condo Corporations – Time management is controlled by how directors choose to operate. How to make the job of a condo director easier, reduce the burden placed on the management office and create a happier community.
  • How Condo Living Works – Condo living can be misunderstood even by those who live in and manage condo buildings. We explain the basics.
  • Condo Balcony Fires on the Rise
  • Coming Back from Financial Mismanagement

October 2018

  • Condo Living and Toronto … a symbiotic relationship – It is no coincidence condo living has become the primary form of housing as Toronto has grown in stature and size
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Solution for Condo Buildings
  • Toronto’s Single Election Issue (Ward Realignment) – Toronto Municipal Election 2018
  • Imposing Fines in Condo Buildings
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September 2018

  • Condominium Authority of Ontario Year One Report Card – We review their first year in operation and grade its performance
  • Internet, TV/Cable and Telephone Service – What features condo residents require in their internet, television/cable and telephone services and cost of competing services
  • Condo Lobby Furniture a Fire Risk
  • Fines for Improper Waste Separation

August 2018

  • The Straight Poop on Dope – Come October, more people will be consuming and growing cannabis (marijuana) in condo buildings. Why this is happening, what choices must each community make and their impact.
  • Who Wants to be a Condo Director – Balancing the needs of a home and business is challenging. Good condo directors are hard to find.
  • Repayment Plans for Delinquent Condo Fees
  • Vacation Disasters – Empty homes may not have insurance coverage
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July 2018

  • Wish Recycling – The unspoken truth behind condo recycling programs
  • Smokers’ Rights and Condo Living – Compatibility of smokers’ rights and condo resident protections
  • Stages of Condominium Management – Experience vs. Cost
  • New Electric Vehicle Charging System Rules
  • No Proxies Required (Electronic Voting)

June 2018

  • Your Condo in 2050 – Condo living may be quite different than today. We explore lifestyle enhancements currently available or being tested for large scale implementation.
  • When Nobody wants to Serve as a Condo Director – Communities with individuals willing to serve as directors are preferable. Those with nobody willing to serve can find the alternative disappointing.
  • Cost of Water Leaks – $120,000 per month down the drain!
  • Who to Vote for in 2018 – Primary condo issues to consider when casting your vote.
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May 2018

  • Your Condo Brand – Your most important condo asset. Quality brands sell or rent for more. Lesser brands command a discount.
  • Hire Contractors, not Friends – Employing contractors because of friendship increases the likelihood of poor work, lack of support and accidents.
  • Mould Killed my Cat – Mould is much more than just a nuisance
  • What to Look for in a Condominium Manager – Condo communities require more than just a Property Manager

2018 April

  • Earn Extra Revenue for your Condo Corporation – It is easy to raise condo fees. Earning revenue is harder. It can also be the best approach to avoiding condo fee increases.
  • Condominium Authority of Ontario to Launch Public Registry – Goes live this month!
  • Fraud Lawsuit – Five Condos -The result of poorly managed condo elections?
  • Politicians Take Note – Condo Owners are Watching AND are a majority of Toronto Voters
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2018 March

  • The City Mayor Mel Lastman Built – Toronto’s History of Condos; A look back at how Toronto began its transition to a high-rise city of condos on the occasion of former Mayor Mel Lastman’s 85th birthday
  • Condos vs. Co-ops; Co-ops were once the dominant form of community living in Toronto. They continue to offer a practical option for those who desire the “condo” lifestyle.
  • Campaign for Transparency – Toronto’s poor example to Toronto Condo Corporations
  • Access to Condo Records
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2018 February

  • Condo Industry Organizations – Five organizations serving the Toronto Condo Community, their purpose and goals
  • Make Your Vote Count – 2018 Municipal/Provincial Elections – Ensure elected politicians support condo community concerns
  • Toronto Regulates Short-Term Condo Rentals
  • Captain Kirk Battles Condo Developer
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2018 January

  • Predictions for 2018 – A new year comes with many changes. Our top condo community priorities for 2018.
  • New Requirements Affecting Condo Communities – New rules imposed on condo boards by the Condo Authority of Ontario now in effect.
  • Friendly Rentals Program for Condo Buildings
  • Fiduciary Failure – Who Pays?
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