September 2020

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  • COVID – Facts, Rumours and Misrepresentations – An incomplete narrative has been presented by relying on selective presentation of data, daily news items and government announcements all of which impact on condo board decisions.
  • What has Condo Authority of Ontario done for You – How the CAO operates should be of great importance to condo owners.  We review their recent higher-profile efforts.
  • Building a “Pandemic Proof” Condo
  • The Unrecognized Star of your Condo Board
  • Why Residents don’t Notice Building Communications
  • Re-Opening Amenities after COVID Closure
  • Working from Home – Medical Benefits
  • Elevator Trappings
  • Predicting the Unpredictable – Budgeting
  • Helping Solve Climate Change – High-Rise Community Leadership in Energy Conservation
  • How Condo Building Failure Happens
  • Being with People
  • Institutional Memory
  • Biometrics – The next level of condo security
  • The Reckless Renter – Tips for condo landlords
  • Save on Energy Pays for Energy Conservation Projects
  • Monitoring Short-Stay Building Listings
  • Why Condo Corporations Borrow Money
  • Elevator Ads that Watch You
  • What is that Smell
  • Lien Placed on Condo – Letter to the Editor

August 2020

  • What You Pay for Clean Air – Condominium corporations and building residents can expect dramatic annual increases in electricity fees starting in 2021
  • Innovations in Condo Living and Management – Technological innovation continues to improve the condominium lifestyle and management
  • COVID’s Condominium Management Lessons
  • Fact vs. Opinion – One is easy, the other is correct

July 2020

  • Living with COVID – We hope for a COVID cure or vaccine. More likely we learn how best to mitigate against coronavirus. As we learn more about coronavirus and how to manage it our concerns and actions should lessen. Today’s preventative measures will be curtailed.
  • Electric Vehicles on the Way
  • Tomorrow’s Electricity Grid
  • The Secret Truth about Lowering condo Fees

June 2020

  • Life After Covid – Past pandemics offers a guide to how, and how much, things may change. Covid is likely to make specific impacts on high-rise and condo living.
  • Smart Buildings in a Post Covid World – Smart buildings and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are likely to play a more important role in helping detect and control the spread of infectious disease while providing convenience, comfort and financial savings.
  • Taming Energy Costs – The experience of 400 McLevin Avenue
  • When Condo Owner and Board Interests Diverge

May 2020

  • Insurance Crisis in Condoland – Prepare today to avoid 800 percent increases tomorrow
  • Combating Condo Ignorant – Reflections on a 30-year condominium management career
  • Condominium Authority of Ontario in Disarray as Directors Resign – Conflict of interest, initially reported by Toronto Condo News in 2019, has CAO dealing with repercussions
  • Covid Protection Measures – Necessary or just when convenient

April 2020

  • Tomorrow … arrived Yesterday – Technology innovation creeps up on us. What we once thought of as “the future” is already here.
  • Cononavirus in Condo Communities – Rumours abound. Facts get muddled. We present current known information.
  • Changes to Electricity Bills and Cost
  • Problem Solving Strategies for Condominium Managers

March 2020

  • CAT continues to COST Condo Owners – Condominium Authority Tribunal has increased condo expenses while delivering little in the way of results
  • Power of Digitization – A path for condominium corporations ready to join the 21st century
  • Higher Buildings Create Challenges
  • Dog Wars

February 2020

  • Expert Guide to Ride Sharing Services – Ride sharing services are now an integral part of the “condo lifestyle”. Improve your ride sharing experience with insider knowledge of how they operate.
  • The internet is a great invention.  It also has a problem impacting on condominium communities that needs fixing.
  • Proposed Condo Act Revisions for 2020
  • Valentine’s Day Pet Safety

January 2020

  • Welcome to 2020 – Our expectations for the new year – New and higher taxes on our home – overt and hidden – are to be expected in 2020
  • Trials and Tribulations of a CAT – A practical perspective on the Condominium Authority Tribunal
  • Effective Management-Board Relations – Guidance for Condominium Managers
  • Does Your Building Allow Short-Term Rentals – New laws impact on condo communities
  • Enticing Younger Condo Directors

December 2019

  • Horses to Condos – History of Urban Planning – Residential and retail locating on the same plot of land in areas that can accommodate higher densities, thus providing access to transit, retail and entertainment, was not always viewed as desirable.
  • Porch Pirates – One Tradition Condo Dwellers don’t Miss – Communities require secure package deliveries without involving concierge/security.
  • Energy Savings – At what cost? – A simple method for deciding when energy efficiency investments save money.
  • Reserve Fund Secrets – Make your reserve fund studies – which are estimates – more reliable.
  • Concierge Services no longer a Luxury – No longer a luxury service available only to the wealthy, concierge services have become nearly mandatory in high-rise condo buildings.

November 2019

  • False Fire Alarms – Why fire alarms go off in the absence of an emergency, costs when this occurs and how to mitigate them.
  • Future of Transportation – Integrated Mobility – How cities are adapting to the diversity and integration of urban transportation choices.
  • Condo Act vs. Residential Tenancies Act – Renting or leasing a condo suite done improperly can be an expensive lesson for the owner and problem for the community.
  • Role of Condo Management – To an outsider the condominium manager’s job appears easy. The job is much harder when one considers day-to-day details and interactions too numerous to mention.

October 2019

  • Disruptive Technologies – Communities are behind in adopting popular and proven technologies. Condo residents suffer the consequences.
  • Who will YOU Vote for – Elected governments have failed to live within their means. We need politicians – and condo directors – unwilling to pretend we can have it all.
  • Games Directors Play
  • Federal – and Condo – Election Voting Strategy

September 2019

  • Condominium Authority of Ontario Year Two Report Card – Our annual review of the Condominium Authority of Ontario’s efforts
  • The Cost to Manage a Condo Corporation – Revenue and Expense Statement for a 35 year old community in strong financial position despite major upcoming expenditures
  • Abolishing Condo Boards
  • Artificial Intelligence for Condominium Managers

August 2019

  • Automated Vehicles are Coming – Automated vehicles appear to be just around the corner. This could change the nature of automobiles, and condo communities, in ways few have considered.
  • The Truth is Out There – Condo corporations are intended to be immune from belief over fact and logic. Many have fallen into the trap of failing to believe facts available to them. Consequences can be dire.
  • Classic Condo Living Mistakes
  • Electric Vehicle Charging not Condo Ready

July 2019

  • Condos, Co-ops and Co-ownership – Those who choose to purchase a home and desire “condo living” have three options each of which provide unique advantages
  • Rethinking Transportation for a Vertical City – Cities have developed innovations that can revolutionize public transit in Toronto and the GTA
  • Renting on Airbnb – Follow the rules
  • Fob Counterfeiting

June 2019

  • Condo Corporations in the Era of Social Media – Understand and navigate social media to communicate without conflict
  • Flying the Canadian Flag – Fly the Canadian flag on Canada Day within the limits of condo rules
  • CAO omg – Costing out the Condominium Authority of Ontario
  • Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program – Update

May 2019

  • Condo Economics – Living in a shared community can place a cost on certain personal choices
  • BBQing on Condo Balconies – By-laws, regulations and rules governing BBQ use in condos and high-rise buildings
  • Interviewing Prospective Board Candidates – What questions to ask them
  • Emergency Preparations in a Vertical City

April 2019

  • Welcome to Condo Living – The experience of a condo owner and reluctant director
  • How the Condo Authority Tribunal Should Work – Results thus far have been disappointing
  • Toronto Initiates High-Rise Preventative Maintenance Blitz
  • Renting Provides Financial Freedom

March 2019

  • Which is Better – Condo or Single Family Home – Primary considerations for determining if condo living is for you
  • Discrimination in Condo Communities – What constitutes discrimination is unclear and goes beyond what is prohibited by law
  • Water is the New Fire – Flooding problems exceed those relating to fire
  • Reserve Fund Studies should be a Team Effort – A condo board, condominium manager and reserve fund study provider all have pertinent information that should be incorporated in the reserve fund study

February 2019

  • Cannabis Survey of Condo Residents – Condo residents have clear opinions on how their boards should deal with cannabis (marijuana) in their homes
  • The Condo Act and Car Charging Stations – New regulations for installation of electric vehicle charging stations in condo buildings affect condo corporations and residents
  • Turning around Bad Condo Boards – Two condo corporations with different outcomes
  • Powers of a Condo Board – Condo boards have broad authority per the Condo Act and the corporation’s governing documents

January 2019

  • Predictions for 2019 – Toronto Condo News identifies the four main concerns likely to be at the top of condo community agendas for 2019
  • Condo Communities Unprepared For Cannabis Legislation – The impact of cannabis legalization on condo communities
  • Fees for Fire Services – The cost of each false fire alarm
  • Auditor’s Role in Condo Corporations – The condo auditor’s responsibilities do not include detecting fraud