• Recordings of Meetings – Choosing to record meetings is easy yet comes with challenges which include determining if they are records of the corporation
  • The Rise of Public Transit – Toronto has chosen to restrict automobile access while embracing public and other transit options
  • Fire Sprinkler Warning
  • Preparing and Reading a Status Certificate
  • Democracy in Action – Holding Condo Elections
  • Condominium Management Heroes
  • Phone Manners
  • Free Speech Restrictions
  • Cease and Desist Letter
  • Electric Vehicle Fires
  • Things you Think are Recyclable
  • Special Assessments – Yet Another Case Study
  • Consumer Alert – Appliance Servicing
  • Comparing HOAs and Condominium Corporations
  • Use of Colour in Residential Buildings
  • Dealing with Noise Complaints
  • Property Access Systems
  • Practical Technology for Seniors
  • One Experience with an EV Charger Installation
  • Obtaining Condo Loan Details
  • Authorized Signing Authority

June 2024

  • Overdosing on Digital – Digital technologies have increased isolationism and reduced the ability of condo boards to make good decisions
  • Mail Room Procedures and Etiquette – Facilitating proper deliver of mail and packages in residential buildings
  • Condo Crowding
  • Increase in Requisition Meetings

May 2024

  • Apathy Threatens Security of Condo Communities – Poor judgement of incompetent condo boards threaten the safety, security and comfort of homeowners as the value of their homes decline
  • Civil Rights Movement’s Approach to Meetings and Meeting Minutes – The civil rights movement provides a better approach for ensuring meetings and meeting minutes are effective
  • Toxic Board Members
  • Pickleball Craze

April 2024

  • Security and Duty of Care – Condominium corporations tend to accept responsibility for more security than required to promote a feeling of safety
  • Finding a Great Condominium Manager – A good condominium manager deals with issues as they arise while preventing problems from occurring
  • Can a Spouse be a Board Member
  • Auto Theft

March 2024

  • Apathy Leads to Racketeering, Money Laundering and Grand Theft – Apathy among condo owners is the greatest threat to condominium communities
  • Misunderstanding the Condo Audit – How can a condominium corporation deliver audited financial statements with a clean opinion letter yet be in financial difficulty
  • Secret Voting, Proxies and Quorum
  • Practical Ways to Recycle, Reuse and Reduce

February 2024

  • Condo Election Speeches – The art of b******t – Many director-candidates claim to have experience that, when facts are considered, is less impressive – Owners should be aware of the extent to which some will misrepresent the value they offer
  • Vendors Seek to Make Pandemic Benefits Permanent – Some vendors imposed a “pandemic travel fee” they now seek to make permanent
  • Brand Decline
  • Rogue Director Decisions – Signing of contracts

January 2024

  • Finding the Right CEO – Individuals with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) have received the best training for condominium management
  • Supertall Buildings – The scale of supertall buildings will change much of what is understood about maintaining high-rise buildings and costs
  • Directors and Officers
  • Smart Gadgets for the Home

December 2023

  • Tornado Alley – Canada is the world’s second most tornado-prone nation in the world
  • Online Shopping – Protect yourself from scams – Holiday is peak season for scammers who are clever at making it hard to figure out what’s fake and what’s real
  • Must the Condo Board President follow By-Laws
  • Peace at Home

November 2023

  • Living next to the Mall – Malls are changing to better reflect the needs and desires of condominium communities while making better use of their underutilized parking areas
  • Artificial Intelligence not ready for Condo Management – The way artificial intelligence is being used shows why this technology should not used by condominium management
  • Complexities of Residential High-Rise Parking
  • Financial Fraud in 2023

October 2023

  • Can Condo Owners Unionize? – Condo owners have an enormous amount of power and, as a general rule, choose not to exert their authority
  • Open Letter to the CAT (Tribunal) – Addressing unintended consequences of how the Tribunal operates
  • Condo Act Revisions for 2023 in Effect
  • Distorting the Smoking Issue

September 2023

  • Epidemic of Bad Condo Boards – Understanding owner rights and being prepared to pursue them is the best approach to a happy, healthy and financially secure community
  • Not My Job – Many come to condo living with a tenant mentality which leads to misunderstandings about responsibilities and obligations
  • Adapting to a Lower Form of Communication
  • Understanding Conflict of Interest

August 2023

  • Toronto’s Worst Condo Fire – Lessons learned fighting a 2020 high-rise fire could save your life
  • Negotiating Management Contracts – Negotiating a good management contract is one of the most important responsibilities of a condo board
  • On a Day to be Named …..
  • What Causes a Building to Collapse

July 2023

  • Art of Deception – Hiding Condo Fee Increases and Reserve Fund Problems – One community’s reported 7.99% increase in condo fees is actually much more
  • The Business of Condominium Management – Condominium management is controlled by volunteers unprepared to commit the necessary time and lacking in experience
  • How a Condo Board should Respond when Under Attack
  • Condo Loan Case Study

June 2023

  • Condominium Corporation Audits – The Condo Audit is a basic check ensuring compliance with the Condo Act not intended to address adequacy of a reserve fund, director competency, fraud or loss of money
  • Condo Disputes without CAT – Disputes with neighbours is not unique to condos. Condo residents do have a way to resolve them other than taking someone to court or complaining on Facebook.
  • Filing a Complaint Against your Condominium Manager
  • Pet Care – End of Life

May 2023

  • Catching Up with Inflation – The dramatic increase in inflation and supply chain struggles have played havoc with condominium finances – fee increases of 35%+ anticipated for some
  • Calling for the Expansion of CAT – Some would like the Tribunal to adjudicate the most common resident complaints including governance, management, fees, repairs and reserve fund
  • Building Trust in a Condo
  • Cyberattacks in High-Rise Communities

April 2023

  • Making a Successful CAT Submission – What does it take to succeed before the Tribunal?  We guide you through a process that can be intimidating, challenging and time-consuming.
  • Sit Down and Shut Up – Rules of Order for Effective Meetings – Properly run, board meetings are shorter, more efficient and produce better decisions
  • Ecommerce Boom puts Stress on Condo Lobbies
  • Why People Don’t Pick Up Dog Poop

March 2023

  • What they Don’t Want you to Know – Lurking behind their closed door – About 60 percent of submissions to the Tribunal result in resolution of a dispute
  • Insurance Crisis in Condoland – Part 2 – Understanding and fixing the problem – Insurance companies are more selective in which buildings and units they choose to insure
  • Special Assessment – Consider the alternatives
  • Brampton Rampage

February 2023

  • Replacing the Condominium Manager – When this time comes it is important to keep things running until a new condominium manager is hired.
  • Preparing for Climate Change – We are unable to control weather so must adapt to protect against heat waves, severe cold and excessive precipitation.
  • Elevator Congestion
  • Serving on the Condo Board

January 2023

  • Condo Fee Increases in 2023 – Lessons from 2022 – Condo fees will need to reflect rising costs for condominium communities higher than the “official” consumer inflation.
  • Tsunami of Returns – High-rise communities spend a lot to receive packages. What happens when items are returned?
  • The Condo Board is not a Landlord
  • Approving and Passing Condo Rules