February 2023

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  • Replacing the Condominium Manager – When this time comes it is important to keep things running until a new condominium manager is hired.
  • Preparing for Climate Change – We are unable to control weather so must adapt to protect against heat waves, severe cold and excessive precipitation.
  • Fairness and Justice in Condominium Communities
  • Bringing on New Board Members
  • Virtual Meetings and Electronic Voting in 2023
  • Elevator Congestion
  • Why Throw Away Money Paying Rent
  • Elder Care in High-Rise Communities
  • Electric Vehicle Challenge
  • Green Roof Benefits
  • I Wish Someone Told Me ….
  • LEDs now Preferred in High-Rise Communities
  • Higher Construction Costs and Condo Projects
  • More than just a place to Park your Car
  • Capturing Condo Data
  • Serving on the Condo Board
  • Too Much Communication
  • No Heat – Letter to the Editor

January 2023

  • Condo Fee Increases in 2023 – Lessons from 2022 – Condo fees will need to reflect rising costs for condominium communities higher than the “official” consumer inflation.
  • Tsunami of Returns – High-rise communities spend a lot to receive packages. What happens when items are returned?
  • The Condo Board is not a Landlord
  • Approving and Passing Condo Rules

December 2022

  • Rebuilding Interest in the Annual General Meeting – Turn your AGM gatherings into “must attend” events.
  • Introduction to Condo Living – A primer for new owners and those considering – A general introduction to those considering or recently new to condominium living.
  • Illiteracy on the Condo Board
  • Compensating Condominium Directors

November 2022

  • The Lost Art of Talking – Something has been lost as we increasingly rely on the smartphone to send messages and share articles, pictures and jokes.
  • Out of Money – Many reserve fund studies omit major ticket items that deplete the bank balances of supposedly financially sound condominium corporations.
  • Package Delivery and Storage Challenges
  • Protecting Condo Information from Phishing Attacks

October 2022

  • Adapting to Inflation in 2022 and 2023 – With condo fees expected to rise by double digits, managing and controlling costs becomes a priority
  • Impact of Inflation and Higher Interest Rates – Inflation peaking at eight percent or higher are a shock to communities believing it was two percent.
  • Eliminating Reserve Funds
  • Condo Board goes Rogue

September 2022

  • Fee Increases of 8 Percent or more for 2023 – Why condo fees are increasing so much and what can be done to stem future increases
  • Employment & Amenities – Living in a jobless economy – Why this is happening and its impact on high-rise communities
  • Just How Much is Your Building Worth
  • Looking Beneath the Surface – Reserve Fund Tricks

August 2022

  • Effectiveness of the Condominium Authority Tribunal – Five years into the CAO’s existence, we look more closely at the effectiveness of its Condominium Authority Tribunal
  • Resolving Problems with Better Communication – Virtually every situation can be resolved faster and easier with better communication
  • The Cost of Free – There is an unlimited demand for “Free”
  • No Increase Condo Budget

July 2022

  • Recycling Programs no longer Viable – Recycling requires high-rise communities to invest time, money and equipment in a system that does not work.
  • Technology and the Evolution of Condominium Management – Despite advancement in technology, condominium management remains a people business.
  • Energy Reporting Mandatory in 2023
  • Working with Engineers and their Proposals

June 2022

  • Fixing Condo Voting – Condo elections are under scrutiny after an electronic voting platform has been found to facilitate election manipulation.
  • Shortage of Condominium Managers – Condo boards are finding it to be increasingly difficult to obtain good management.
  • Owners DO NOT Approve the Condo Budget
  • Why Reserve Funds Matter

May 2022

  • Toronto in 2030 – A population of 8 million, smaller living spaces, easy access to transit, recycling, pollution and climate change are challenges to be met by high-rise communities.
  • Looming Condo Fee Increases – There are growing warnings of massive condo fee increases as more communities fail to set aside enough money for future expected payments and unexpected repairs.
  • A Uniquely Bad Situation – $1.75 in the Reserve Fund
  • Preventing Sick Building Syndrome

April 2022

  • Inclusionary Zoning – Toronto has a plan for growing its population that will impact on all high-rise communities.
  • The Last Mile – Online Purchases and “Free Shipping” – The most expensive and hardest part of delivering products to your home is more complex in high-rise communities.
  • Breathing Better Air – Your Fan Coil System
  • Condo Management Software – The Cost of Free

March 2022

  • Gold Rush of Luxury Condos – Cities are being transformed by luxury properties after developers over-estimate market and government response.
  • Electronic Voting Platform Compromises Security – Thousands of condominium elections are suspect after electronic voting platform provides way to influence results.
  • New Cleaning Regimen
  • Reality of Electric Vehicle Charging in High-Rise Buildings

February 2022

  • 2022 – Are You Prepared? – After two years of acting as if COVID will disappear, this year our communities begin making sustainable long-term decisions about maintaining our homes.
  • Amenity Wars – Few communities have sufficient space to incorporate all the amenities they desire. Choices and sacrifices must be made.
  • Innovation in Parcel Management
  • Amenities – To Close or Open during COVID
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January 2022

  • Condo Fees – Double Digit Increase in 2021 – A double-digit increase in condo fees in 2021 is the result of higher costs and increased risks.
  • Eliminating a Pandemic – An earlier pandemic was fought and beaten using aggressive measures.
  • A New Way to Deal with Problem Tenants
  • Vaccination Policies in Condominium Communities