July 2019

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  • Condos, Co-ops and Co-ownership – Those who choose to purchase a home and desire “condo living” have three options each of which provide unique advantages
  • Rethinking Transportation for a Vertical City – Cities have developed innovations that can revolutionize public transit in Toronto and the GTA
  • Renting on Airbnb – Follow the rules
  • Innovation in Condo Playgrounds
  • Make Your Small Condo Look Big
  • Evolution of Luxury Amenities
  • Disaster Preparations
  • Tenets (not Tenants) a Condo Board should Live by
  • Residential Tenancies Act vs. Condo Act – Tenant-Landlord Relations in Condo Communities
  • Living in a Pet Friendly Building
  • Marijuana in Condo Buildings
  • New Security Camera for Condos
  • Tourism and Short-Term Rentals
  • Fob Counterfeiting
  • Dealing with Wasps
  • Anonymous Rants Damage Condo Corporations
  • Survival of the Fittest – Evolution of Condo Communities
  • High-Rise Living – Which Floor Is Best
  • Owner-Tenant Condo Disputes
  • In Praise of Condo Fees
  • Condos on the Bloor Viaduct

June 2019

  • Condo Corporations in the Era of Social Media – Understand and navigate social media to communicate without conflict
  • Flying the Canadian Flag – Fly the Canadian flag on Canada Day within the limits of condo rules
  • CAO omg – Costing out the Condominium Authority of Ontario
  • Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program – Update

May 2019

  • Condo Economics – Living in a shared community can place a cost on certain personal choices
  • BBQing on Condo Balconies – By-laws, regulations and rules governing BBQ use in condos and high-rise buildings
  • Interviewing Prospective Board Candidates – What questions to ask them
  • Emergency Preparations in a Vertical City

April 2019

  • Welcome to Condo Living – The experience of a condo owner and reluctant director
  • How the Condo Authority Tribunal Should Work – Results thus far have been disappointing
  • Toronto Initiates High-Rise Preventative Maintenance Blitz
  • Renting Provides Financial Freedom

March 2019

  • Which is Better – Condo or Single Family Home – Primary considerations for determining if condo living is for you
  • Discrimination in Condo Communities – What constitutes discrimination is unclear and goes beyond what is prohibited by law
  • Water is the New Fire – Flooding problems exceed those relating to fire
  • Reserve Fund Studies should be a Team Effort – A condo board, condominium manager and reserve fund study provider all have pertinent information that should be incorporated in the reserve fund study

February 2019

  • Cannabis Survey of Condo Residents – Condo residents have clear opinions on how their boards should deal with cannabis (marijuana) in their homes
  • The Condo Act and Car Charging Stations – New regulations for installation of electric vehicle charging stations in condo buildings affect condo corporations and residents
  • Turning around Bad Condo Boards – Two condo corporations with different outcomes
  • Powers of a Condo Board – Condo boards have broad authority per the Condo Act and the corporation’s governing documents

January 2019

  • Predictions for 2019 – Toronto Condo News identifies the four main concerns likely to be at the top of condo community agendas for 2019
  • Condo Communities Unprepared For Cannabis Legislation – The impact of cannabis legalization on condo communities
  • Fees for Fire Services – The cost of each false fire alarm
  • Auditor’s Role in Condo Corporations – The condo auditor’s responsibilities do not include detecting fraud

December 2018

  • Condo Corporations; A World Leader in Energy Conservation – Toronto’s condo community can lead the world in energy conservation while saving vast amounts of money
  • The Surprising Cost of Receiving Packages – The cost of this convenience can be of great concern to condo directors
  • Do Amenities Justify their Cost
  • Increasing Property Values – Advice from real estate professionals

November 2018

  • Time Management for Condo Corporations – Time management is controlled by how directors choose to operate. How to make the job of a condo director easier, reduce the burden placed on the management office and create a happier community.
  • How Condo Living Works – Condo living can be misunderstood even by those who live in and manage condo buildings. We explain the basics.
  • Condo Balcony Fires on the Rise
  • Coming Back from Financial Mismanagement

October 2018

  • Condo Living and Toronto … a symbiotic relationship – It is no coincidence condo living has become the primary form of housing as Toronto has grown in stature and size
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Solution for Condo Buildings
  • Toronto’s Single Election Issue (Ward Realignment) – Toronto Municipal Election 2018
  • Imposing Fines in Condo Buildings
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September 2018

  • Condominium Authority of Ontario Year One Report Card – We review their first year in operation and grade its performance
  • Internet, TV/Cable and Telephone Service – What features condo residents require in their internet, television/cable and telephone services and cost of competing services
  • Condo Lobby Furniture a Fire Risk
  • Fines for Improper Waste Separation

August 2018

  • The Straight Poop on Dope – Come October, more people will be consuming and growing cannabis (marijuana) in condo buildings. Why this is happening, what choices must each community make and their impact.
  • Who Wants to be a Condo Director – Balancing the needs of a home and business is challenging. Good condo directors are hard to find.
  • Repayment Plans for Delinquent Condo Fees
  • Vacation Disasters – Empty homes may not have insurance coverage
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July 2018

  • Wish Recycling – The unspoken truth behind condo recycling programs
  • Smokers’ Rights and Condo Living – Compatibility of smokers’ rights and condo resident protections
  • Stages of Condominium Management – Experience vs. Cost
  • New Electric Vehicle Charging System Rules
  • No Proxies Required (Electronic Voting)

June 2018

  • Your Condo in 2050 – Condo living may be quite different than today. We explore lifestyle enhancements currently available or being tested for large scale implementation.
  • When Nobody wants to Serve as a Condo Director – Communities with individuals willing to serve as directors are preferable. Those with nobody willing to serve can find the alternative disappointing.
  • Cost of Water Leaks – $120,000 per month down the drain!
  • Who to Vote for in 2018 – Primary condo issues to consider when casting your vote.
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May 2018

  • Your Condo Brand – Your most important condo asset. Quality brands sell or rent for more. Lesser brands command a discount.
  • Hire Contractors, not Friends – Employing contractors because of friendship increases the likelihood of poor work, lack of support and accidents.
  • Mould Killed my Cat – Mould is much more than just a nuisance
  • What to Look for in a Condominium Manager – Condo communities require more than just a Property Manager

2018 April

  • Earn Extra Revenue for your Condo Corporation – It is easy to raise condo fees. Earning revenue is harder. It can also be the best approach to avoiding condo fee increases.
  • Condominium Authority of Ontario to Launch Public Registry – Goes live this month!
  • Fraud Lawsuit – Five Condos -The result of poorly managed condo elections?
  • Politicians Take Note – Condo Owners are Watching AND are a majority of Toronto Voters
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2018 March

  • The City Mayor Mel Lastman Built – Toronto’s History of Condos; A look back at how Toronto began its transition to a high-rise city of condos on the occasion of former Mayor Mel Lastman’s 85th birthday
  • Condos vs. Co-ops; Co-ops were once the dominant form of community living in Toronto. They continue to offer a practical option for those who desire the “condo” lifestyle.
  • Campaign for Transparency – Toronto’s poor example to Toronto Condo Corporations
  • Access to Condo Records
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2018 February

  • Condo Industry Organizations – Five organizations serving the Toronto Condo Community, their purpose and goals
  • Make Your Vote Count – 2018 Municipal/Provincial Elections – Ensure elected politicians support condo community concerns
  • Toronto Regulates Short-Term Condo Rentals
  • Captain Kirk Battles Condo Developer
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2018 January

  • Predictions for 2018 – A new year comes with many changes. Our top condo community priorities for 2018.
  • New Requirements Affecting Condo Communities – New rules imposed on condo boards by the Condo Authority of Ontario now in effect.
  • Friendly Rentals Program for Condo Buildings
  • Fiduciary Failure – Who Pays?
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