Your Condo Website Matters

June 2016

Does your condo building have a website and does it convey the right impression?

Your website is the first thing seen by prospective buyers of a condo suite. It presents an impression of your operation.

Failure to maintain a website means that prospective condo buyers are unable to find your building. This can reduce the value of condo suites in the building.

Condo boards and management have lots to do. One of their responsibilities is maintain the value of the building. One of the easier ways to help maintain this value is to have a quality website.

The first thing people do when seeking information is go online. If you don’t have a public website then prospective condo buyers may not know your building exists.

If they don’t like your website or are unable to find what they want, the likelihood of their considering a purchase in your building will decrease.

While all of this may be unknown to most condo owners, it eventually becomes known when fewer people are interested in buying a condo in your building and the selling prices of those that do sell are lower.

Your website should be the primary source of information about your building. It ensures that accurate information is presented and provides details that may not be communicated by a real estate agent. According to Andre’ Tarjan, condo real estate specialist, a condo website “should tell prospective buyers that your building is organized, residents are happy and that the building is well managed.”

Pictures of happy residents, the grounds and quality amenities are all important to conveying the right impression.