Your Condo in 2050

June 2018

Life in 2050 may be quite different than today.

Condo residents won’t have to park their car in 2050.  They won’t own a parking space because they don’t own a car.  Improved transit, car sharing and Uber-type services will make ownership of a personal automobile less compelling.

This is just one of many changes that may occur by 2050.

  • You will come home to the front of your condo building and enter through the front door rather than an underground garage.
  • You will arrive at your suite without a key. The voice command “arrive” will unlock your door, turn on lights and activate temperature controls. Music from a preselected playlist will be playing.
  • When leaving the next morning a voice command “leave” will lock your door, turn off lights and set temperature controls to an “away” setting.
  • Your condo building will include a drone landing pad to receive purchases placed over the internet.
  • Your suite’s battery storage and charging station will recharge batteries for an ebike, smartphone and various computer devices.
  • Moving walls and panels that rotate will allow rooms to be reconfigured. Enlarge a room for entertaining or divide it for sleeping areas. The television on a rotating wall will be viewable from multiple rooms.
  • Solar panels on the balcony will help reduce the cost of heating and cooling. Improved energy-efficient appliances will reduce utility costs.
  • Sensors in lights and appliances will monitor your health and current physical condition. They will inform you when to place a supermarket order.
  • Voice commands will control lighting with settings for dinner, TV, parties, relaxation and bed.
  • An indoor “grow wall” will allow indoor growing of fruits, vegetables and herbs.
  • New building techniques and materials will provide improved sound insulation.
  • Auto darkening windows will protect against the sun and help maintain comfortable internal temperatures.

Many of these lifestyle enhancements are close to practical application. They are currently available or being tested for large scale implementation.