YIMBY is for Gardeners

July 2016

Condo dwelling gardeners have limited options for indulging in their passion.

Few condo buildings offer space for gardening. While gardening committees allow condo residents to be involved in common area gardening, there is little opportunity to grow food or build a private garden.

Yes in my Back Yard, or YIMBY, has partnered with The Stop Community Food Centre to offer a solution that may interest condo dwellers who desire space for gardening. Their urban gardening solution connects homeowners with gardeners.

YIMBY’s urban gardening matchmaking service is for people who want to garden but lack the space, and property owners who have space for gardening but lack the time, ability or desire. This innovative service partners those with unused land and gardeners to use this land.

The gardener tends to put in most of the labour while the homeowner pays for soil and fertilizer since it adds value to the property. Gardeners are expected to respect property owner rights. This includes cleaning up after each work session, not to create a disturbance and to share some of the produce with the homeowner.

The program offers discounts on soil, mulch and fertilizer. Tools can be borrowed and gardening workshops are available.

Any homeowner with an underutilized backyard can get involved with YIMBY. Condo dwellers interested in gardening can also be a part of this group.

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Click here for information on The Stop

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