Wireless Radiation – Letter to the Editor

July 2020

There are some that say not only that it contributes to climate change but it can create challenges in the human with an inability to intake oxygen.  I find it very surprising that the board has signed a contract with Bell to install wireless in the building for TV and net services and cell phone. I opted out.  However several senior citizens never came to a meeting about it and no one has approached them explaining the possible pros and cons of this and possible risks to health.  I am assuming this is against the law without informed consent.

The new apparatus may catalyze an unfavorable reaction in the biology of a senior or anyone with a compromised immune system.  If anyone gets ill and a relative may find out they may initiate a law suit.  Should not our board be warned about this.

Cannot something be done about this?

Thank you for your attention.

R. Kletski

(Letter and response truncated to fit available space.)

Response from Toronto Condo News

Good condo boards stay abreast of current trends and make changes in accordance with resident desires.  In the case of your community, it seems your board is doing just that.  They are making changes consistent with their authority, assuming cable services is a requirement in accordance with your community’s governing documents, and adopting current technologies desired and utilized by many.  The choice of service is up to the board.

Your e-mail infers there was a meeting explaining the change that some did not attend.  The meeting is a transparent approach and suggested best practice.  Failure of some to attend a community meeting does not place added communication obligations on the condo board.  As for legality and lack of “informed consent”, you should consult a lawyer or review your corporation’s governing documents.

Condo Archives offers articles about internet and “cable” technology at including:

The selected articles provide understanding of why these newer technologies are being adopted and what services become available once adopted.

While I understand your concerns about potential radiation, there appears little in the way of supporting data.  Despite similar claims being made about mobile phones and hydro tower fields in prior decades, claims are either unsubstantiated or not deemed a concern by most.  Whatever risks may exist in these technologies are less relevant to most than their benefits based on continued growing use.