Winterize your Condo

November 2019

When it comes time to winterize your car, give some thought to winterizing your condo for increased comfort during winter months.

Winter and summer is when we use the most energy to keep warm.  Take steps to keep your home comfortable and energy bills down.

A programmable thermostat controlled on your smartphone allows you to monitor and adjust the thermostat at any time.  Some products will detect when you leave home and automatically turn off.

Check windows for condensation and drafts.  Reseal or caulk as needed.  Where you have double pane windows, use them properly by ensuring each window has a double pane.  This minimizes heat loss, keeps your home more comfortable and facilitates drainage.

If you have a window air conditioner, cover it to reduce drafts and protect equipment.

Winterizing your condo will save money and improve comfort.