Winter Cleaning Requires a Modified Approach

November 2023

Excess moisture, salt, sand and debris during winter months makes it more difficult to maintain common areas.  Extra attention is necessary to keep areas clean, maintain appearance and prevent damage.  Pandemic concerns create further challenges.

Cleaning procedures differ from what occurs during other seasons.

Increase the frequency of daytime cleaning.  Indoor areas are used more during the winter, during daytime hours, so more frequent cleaning can help stop the spreading of viruses.  Colds, flu and Covid are at their peak in winter months.  Focus on common touchpoints including light switches, doorknobs or bars, and elevator buttons.

A greater focus on floors and carpets, particularly near building entrances, can prevent damage and injury from moisture, salt and sand.  Increased cleaning limits the amount tracked beyond the lobby and reduces the required frequency of interior cleaning.  Indoor and outdoor matting should be placed by entrances and regularly vacuumed.  Pools of water or moisture on floors and matting should be addressed immediately.

Greater care in maintaining entrance areas means fewer cleaning concerns throughout a building and increased safety.