Window Cleaning

May 2017

Great condo views of the city don’t look so good through dirty windows.

Condo buildings have a lot of windows to clean.

Traffic congestion, dirt, birds, air pollutants, pollen and weather can all end up on condo windows. Rain, which contains dirt and other stuff, adds to this buildup.

Dirty windows make a condo suite and building look unmaintained.

Whatever hits a building can slide down and stick to windows. This stuff dries and builds up over time. Wait long enough before cleaning windows and they become permanently stained.

The ideal window cleaning schedule for large urban settings is about six times a year. Since window cleaning is costly, most buildings likely limit window cleaning to twice a year.

The standard cleaning solution for window cleaning is dishwashing detergent and water. These products are safe on virtually all buildings.

Window cleaning is a dangerous profession. Few people are comfortable working at such heights in all types of weather and without a safety net. Perhaps that is why there is a shortage of window cleaning professionals to service Toronto’s high-rise buildings.

High-rise building roofs generally have safety anchors that are used by window washers. Condo corporations have an obligation to inspect these safety devices so that workers using them are protected against falls. Since 2015 there have been accidents in New York City, Denver and San Francisco involving safety anchors that failed while windows were being washed.

Despite the best of  efforts, accidents do happen. It is for this reason that responsible  window cleaning companies have proper insurance. Employing a window washing service with inadequate or no insurance may save a few dollars but can create a very large potential liability for the condo corporation.

Window cleaning is a year round business with spring being the busiest period. Window washing can occur anytime the temperature is above freezing and winds are below 50 kmh.