Why People Don’t Pick Up Dog Poop

April 2023

The high-rise pet population continues to grow.  Yet not everyone is a pet lover.

Reasons for this are diverse.  Some are allergic to dogs, frustrated by barking, or have a fear of dogs.   The single most reported issue and frustration is against pet owners not cleaning up after their pets.  Studies have shown that pet owners pick up after their dogs only about 60 percent of the time, and that they often lie about this.

To address pet-related complaints some communities prohibit pets from the property.  Less draconian measures include imposition of size restrictions, limiting the number of pets allowed in a unit, and prohibiting pets from entering or exiting through main doors.

Pet-friendly communities offer amenities and conveniences inclusive of pet spa, outdoor walking space, washing tubs, bags for cleaning pet waste, and pet waste disposal receptacles.

Asking pet owners to take greater care of their pets without consequences is rarely effective.  When individuals find they will be judged harshly or required to pay the clean-up cost for leaving behind poop, problems tend to disappear.

Security cameras and pet DNA services can identify those failing to clean up after their pets, which allows the corporation to charge these individuals for clean-up and any damage caused.

Pet DNA services have been available for more than a decade.  Owners provide a poop sample to a service.  Any uncleaned poop is submitted to the service for matching to the pet.  Condominium corporations have authority to revise their pet rules so that all pets be registered with the service, at their cost, before being allowed to reside in a building.

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