Why Have Meetings

November 2021

Boards comprised of elected volunteers meet regularly despite having jobs and responsibilities.  No decisions can be made without these individuals coming together to conduct the business of the corporation.

Regular board and community meetings are essential.  They are mandated by law.  Without them no legally constituted condominium corporation can function.  At the very least, an annual meeting of owners (shareholders) and meetings of board members are required.  Done well, these are efficient and well-organized discussions where questions are addressed, needs are discussed, planning occurs and decisions made on behalf of the corporation.

Official board actions on behalf of the corporation occur at a properly called board meeting.  This can include setting budgets, spending money, revising rules, hiring contractors and addressing problems.  Failure to properly call a meeting may void board actions or increase exposure to litigation.

Meetings can be efficient and effective, or wasteful of peoples’ time.  They are most effective when an agenda is followed and discussions avoided unless a proper motion has been made.  This prevents long drawn out discussions failing to result in a decision.

Failing to hold meetings is a failure to properly manage the corporation.  Making and enacting decisions outside of a meeting is improper and likely not binding.  Some boards choose to allow residents to attend part of the board meeting.  This allows them to voice concerns or issues.