Who’s the Boss

February 2020

Who is the “boss” in a condo community?  Similar to Tony Danza from the popular 1980s sitcom Who’s the Boss, the answer to this is unclear.

Legally the volunteer condo board comprised of directors, elected by owners, makes all decisions.  They have legal authority to make decisions on behalf of the community.  Some directors may be appointed when nobody is willing to run for election.

Many condo boards allow or prefer to have the condominium manager take charge.  Directors lacking in management and corporate decision making experience can find condo management overwhelming.  It can be easier to allow a paid employee, the condominium manager, make decisions endorsed by the condo board.

There can be a mistaken belief both the condo board and condominium manager are accountable to owners.  Condominium managers, while providing services to condo owners, are accountable to the condo board.

While condo owners can elect directors to the board, there is no requirement they have input into board decisions except for rare situations identified in the Condo Act.  Allowing all owners with input to any or all decisions would make it impossible to effectively manage the corporation.  While boards may solicit owner or resident input, this is not a requirement.  The one opportunity owners have to voice pleasure or displeasure with a condo board is when electing directors.

Successful condominium communities do not have a boss.  What they have is a team working together to be effective.  A truly successful condo community requires that the board, condominium manager and residents have a good and trusting working relationship.  Conflicts, disagreements and differences of opinion, when they arise, are resolved in a respectful way.