Who to Vote for in 2018

June 2018

On June 7, Toronto will join the rest of Ontario and elect a government to represent them.  As has been our practice, Toronto Condo News identifies those issues specific to Toronto’s Condo Community.

Over the past few years elected politicians have failed to respond to Toronto Condo News’ inquiries on condo-related matters.  For those in Toronto’s condo communities that choose to vote based on condo-specific issues, this alone may provide a partial answer as to how you should vote.

Two current condo-specific issues that may affect local elections are the Amended Condo Act and Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO), and elevator servicing.

Amended Condo Act and Condominium Authority of Ontario

Virtually all agree updating the Condo Act was necessary.  This revision included creation of the Condominium Authority of Ontario and mandated it be funded by a monthly fee paid by all condo owners.  Some support this approach and work done by the CAO.  Others question the need for the CAO and its funding by way of a tax on condo owners.  Recent changes to the Condo Act supporting Electric Vehicle Charging Systems in condo buildings and new CAO documents in support of this government priority, despite lack of enthusiasm for electric vehicles in general, is another possible indication  priorities are amiss.

Elevator Servicing

Mr. Han Dong, MPP for Trinity-Spadina, is deserving of being singled out as damaging the Toronto Condo Community through his sponsorship of what many feel to be a poorly-considered bill regulating elevator servicing.  If passed, this bill appears impossible to enforce without adding to condo maintenance costs.  Mr. Dong failed to respond to Toronto Condo News’ inquiries after proposing this bill.

When going to the polls on June 7, the Toronto Condo Community has an opportunity to control the outcome of elections by voting for politicians favourable to its interests.  Your interests are best served by making an informed decision.