Who Repairs Condo Damage

September 2019

Damage to your condo suite can come from many sources.  It may result from failure of something in your suite such as a damaged dishwasher hose.  Damage in your suite may be beyond your control.  You may be the unfortunate recipient of damage because of something that happened in another suite or in a common area.

Responsibility for repairing damage depends on its source and insurance coverage.

The first step in addressing damage to a condo suite is to have it assessed by the condominium manager for both cause and extent.  It could have resulted from failure of a common area system, another owner’s negligence or something relating specifically to the suite.  Damage may be limited to the suite, involve common areas or impact on other suites.

If the suite owner or tenant is at fault, they are responsible for repairing damage to the suite and all affected areas which may include other suites or common areas.  The suite owner or tenant could be responsible for paying some combination of repair costs and insurance deductibles that are part of their and condo corporation insurance policies.  Corporation insurance deductibles can be upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.  Depending on the individual’s insurance policy, this deductible may be paid by their insurance company.

Damage caused by a common element system, such as a burst pipe, is the responsibility of the condo corporation.  Their coverage for in-suite repairs may be limited by a Standard Unit By-law which typically excludes suite “improvements”.  Loss of personal contents is generally not reimbursable from condo corporation insurance.