Who Hires the Condominium Manager? – Letter to the Editor

April 2021

What influence do condo residents have on hiring the Condominium Manager?


Response from Toronto Condo News


Great question!

The condo board negotiates the management contract and is responsible for hiring a condominium manager.

They may choose to seek out a manager on their own or work with a management company that provides candidates for consideration.  For condo boards seeking a management company to work with, Condo Resource Guide offers a list of companies under Condo Management (  Condo Archives offers information on hiring, replacing and managing condominium managers and management companies. (

Condo owners and residents have no input into employing the management company or manager.  One hopes the board selects a company and manager who residents like dealing with and takes good care of the community.  Depending on the situation, resident concerns may be deemed less important than salary, availability and specific skills.

Condo owners may choose to offer an opinion on the choice of management but have no influence other than their ability to elect directors that make this decision on their behalf.

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