Which Condo Records are Accessible to Owners

August 2020

Owners are entitled to access certain records of their condo corporation.  While Section 55 of the Condo Act identifies which records are to be retained by the corporation, it fails to specifically identify which records are available for viewing by owners.



Rulings by the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) have identified specific types of records accessible to condo owners upon written request:

√ List of owners and mortgagees (name and address; no mention of phone number, e-mail address or other information)

√ Audited financial statements

√ Budgets for the current year

√ Auditor’s report

√ Monthly financial bank statements

√ Current plan for future funding of the Reserve Fund

√ Records relating to Reserve Fund expenditures

√ Invoices, including legal invoices (with redaction)

√ Board meeting minutes

√ Contracts – management, building, insurance


Condo owners are not entitled to access certain records:

X Records relating to employees of the corporation (except employment contracts)

X Records relating to actual or potential litigation or insurance investigations involving the corporation

X Records relating to other specific units or owners.


For more information see Access to Condo Records in the Condo Archives.