Where to Access the Condo Act – Letter to the Editor

March 2023

Can I access Condominium Act, ONLINE?

Is there an abridged version, for quick reference?


K. K.


Response from Toronto Condo News

The Condominium Act is available online at

There is no abridged or quick reference version we are aware of.

The Condominium Act can be difficult to read and understand.  It was created by bureaucrats and lawyers with little consideration for the layperson.

The Condo Archives ( was created to provide a more effective way to find information relating to condominium living and management.  Articles are organized into categories for easy access.  Click on any broad category grouping to the left to see available categories.  You will find more than 2,000 articles.  There is also a search bar where you can enter specific search criteria terms.

The Condominium Act provides the law. Condo Archives offers explanation, details, best practices and other information relevant to anyone residing in or managing a high-rise or condominium community.