What it Takes to Run a Hybrid Annual General Meeting

August 2023

The world of meetings has changed dramatically over the past years.  What was once thought impossible has become a reality.  Homeowners’ meetings are now taking place online.

More condos are finding it more convenient and cost-effective to hold governance meetings virtually.  They are also conducting elections online to save both time and money rather than using only a paper ballot.

The desire for flexibility is a driving force behind this shift, but not all communities prefer exclusively virtual meetings.

The good news is, it’s possible to have both virtual and in-person voting and meeting simultaneously.

Each community is unique, and if you don’t want to force every member to vote and meet virtually, you can take the hybrid route.

What Are Hybrid Meetings? 

A hybrid meeting involves a mix of in-person and remote attendees.  Remote attendees join the meeting via a virtual conferencing platform, such as Zoom.  A camera installed in the meeting room will typically act as their window into the meeting.

In-person attendees join the meeting and participate as they normally would.  Thanks to modern technology, they can easily hear and see the remote participants as if they were right there in the room with them.

Owners are given the choice of voting electronically, either in advance or live during the meeting.

In-person attendees will have the option to cast their vote using paper ballots if they don’t feel comfortable doing it electronically.

Why Opt for a Hybrid Meeting? 

Firstly, hybrid meetings provide flexibility.  If you don’t have much space, hybrid meetings are the perfect way to minimize the number of people physically present in a room.

Participation, on the other hand, tends to increase.  People who may not be able to attend in-person can join virtually, leading to quorum and better meeting outcomes.

Hybrid meetings could be more time efficient than fully in-person meetings.  Most likely, you will use an electronic voting platform so that both in-person and virtual attendees can cast their votes.

Most electronic voting platforms provide options to vote live and well before the actual meeting reducing the time needed during the live in-person meeting.

Pro tip: Find electronic voting providers that accommodate both electronic and paper ballots, proxies, and have safeguards against double registration or voting in a scenario where owners can participate virtually or in-person. 

Hybrid Meeting Best Practices 

Sound, video and connectivity are all important for a seamless hybrid meeting.  Make sure your meeting space is well-lit, with good acoustics and a reliable internet connection.  To enhance the hybrid meeting experience, consider using a projector and a 360-degree camera equipped with a microphone.  This way, you’ll create a seamless and engaging environment for all participants.

In-room technology is only half the picture; meeting moderation also plays a central role.  One of the biggest challenges of hybrid meetings is ensuring that virtual attendees feel just as engaged as those who are physically present.  Assign someone to moderate the meeting, facilitate interactions and ensure all attendees can hear and understand each other.

To ensure a fair and accurate voting process, the chairperson should verify the eligibility of virtual attendees to vote.  This includes confirming the presence of both virtual and in-person attendees who are eligible to cast their vote.

Pro tip: Hybrid meetings present a unique set of challenges. Consider partnering with a reliable service provider who can organize your hybrid AGM from equipment setup to moderation and results.


Hybrid meetings are easy to do poorly and hard to do well.  So here are four tips to help you run a successful hybrid meeting:

  • Survey your ownership to gauge interest in a hybrid meeting.
  • Encourage electronic voting and discourage paper ballots or paper-based submitted proxies. This will streamline the voting process and eliminate the need for physical paperwork.
  • Nothing kills a meeting’s momentum like waiting to fix a glitch. Assign a moderator to facilitate the meeting and troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise.

Hybrid meetings and voting allow every owner to choose how they want to participate.  It’s a great option for condos to conduct meetings that meet the needs of all participants.  By leveraging technology and providing strong facilitation we can create hybrid meetings where all participants — whether in the room or an ocean away — feel engaged and equal.

Adam Arcuri is CEO at CondoVoterCondoVoter provides electronic voting to condominium corporations in compliance with Ontario’s condominium laws.