Ways to Vote

August 2020

Voting is an integral part of condo living.  Owners vote for directors.  Directors deliberate and vote on matters before the board.  The Condo Act – Section 52 – states that votes may be cast by a show of hands or recorded vote.



Show of Hands

When a motion is on the floor, and possibly seconded, those eligible to vote can raise their hands to show support for or against a proposed motion.  This quick and easy method requires owners to disclose their vote in the open.  The chair announces the result of a vote and it is recorded in the minutes.  Individual votes are not recorded eliminating the possibility of a recount.

When voting by a show of hands, care should be taken to reflect owners and proxy-holders representing multiple votes.  In condo meetings where multiple attendees may reflect a single vote, one solution is to provide a piece of coloured paper or stick to each voting unit for casting their vote.

Best used for:

√ Procedural matters

√ Board meetings


Recorded Vote

Recorded votes are cast by the owner or proxy-holder on a ballot.  Votes may be made using a printed ballot, telephonic, or electronic means if available.  Recorded votes have evidence of the result of a vote.

Any person entitled to vote at a meeting can request a recorded vote prior to or right after voting by show of hands.

Best used for:

√ Sensitive Matters

√ Election or removal of directors

√ Revision of governing documents including by-laws and declaration

√ Close or contentious votes where a recount or legal challenge may occur