Waste Management Compactors Go Internet

March 2018

When a condo building’s waste management system fails so that garbage is not properly disposed of we realize this is not a minor task. Garbage smells, takes up space and is unsanitary.

Most high-rise condo buildings have a garbage chute system which allows residents to dispose of items on their floor.  At the bottom of this chute there should be a compactor.  The compactor will reduce waste volume so that more fits in a confined space.  Its purpose is to reduce the frequency of pickups, manage refuse and operate more effectively in limited space.

Waste hauling requirements can be reduced by up to 50% when a compactor is utilized.  It helps reduce or eliminate problems with rodents, flies, birds, and other vermin in the area of waste.  The fire hazard of waste is minimized.  When combined with an odour control system, waste odours are reduced with compacted waste.

Metro Compactor Service now offers an iSMART compactor.  These compactors are connected to a private wireless network which offers many advantages.  It allows secure remote monitoring of the compactor by Metro’s service technicians.  Minor problems can be identified before they result in system failure thus shutting down the building-wide trash chute system.  Talking with a technician on the phone can resolve many common problems including blocked sensors, accidental buttons pressed and items getting stuck.  Complex issues are identified sooner, a technician is dispatched and the system is back up and running much faster.

iSMART means that dispatch will likely know the problem and how to solve it before a technician sees the equipment; which means bringing the right parts and doing the prep work.  This results in less time on site, less equipment downtime, fewer service calls and reduced maintenance costs.

Information on iSMART compactor systems is available at

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