Virtual Meetings Deadline Extension

October 2022

A temporary Ontario provision permitting condominium corporations to hold virtual annual general and other meetings, electronic voting and the sending of electronic notices has been extended for another year and expires September 30, 2023.

While condo corporations without a virtual meeting and electronic by-law can continue holding meetings virtually and allow electronic/telephonic voting for now, it is advisable not to rely on government legislation which often fails to consider best practices.  This entails approving a by-law which requires a meeting that achieves quorum – 25 percent of the voting units – and more than 50 percent support.

The ability to send notices to owners about meetings and other matters electronically should not be a temporary pandemic measure.  This is a cost saving measure that improves communication and frees up employee time so they can focus on other matters.  Implementing a by-law entrenches the right for your community to continue with electronic communications, meetings and voting.

Virtual meetings and elections have been successful in well-managed communities.  They remain a useful tool where in-person meetings are not practical.  It is unfortunate that this technology can also be abused by some to manipulate the results of condo elections and restrict owner participation.