Vacation Disasters – Empty homes may not have insurance coverage for damage

August 2018

Imagine arriving in Florida for a well-deserved vacation.  During this time you receive a call from your condominium manager about a problem affecting your suite.

Did you arrange to have someone check your suite for problems?

We do not insure loss or damage occurring after your suite has been vacant for 30 or more consecutive days

Many condo insurance policies include a clause requiring the property be checked on a regular basis during extended absences when the home will be vacant.

Water damage creates the greatest exposure during extended absences.  An insurer is not likely to pay for damage if proper precautions have not been taken – and this includes checking the home on a regular basis.

Washing machine and dishwasher hose failures are among the greatest causes of financial losses arising from water system failures.  A water leak from a dishwasher or other faulty appliance can damage a condo suite, common areas and suites lower down in a building.  Poor, faulty or illegal renovations can also be the source of problems affecting water systems.

Had a suite been inhabited at the time of a water system failure or other problem, the issue could have been mitigated before more significant damage had occurred.  There is a greater likelihood that damage beyond the condo suite could have been averted.

Before leaving on vacation, check your insurance policy to determine how frequently your home should be checked while on vacation.  Make arrangements to have your home checked while away to avoid potential problems and loss of insurance coverage.  Some insurance policies may offer additional coverage to provide protection for periods where a condo is empty.