Using Scents

September 2015

A Lesson from Hotels and Retail

The use of scents is not new to condo buildings. They can be used to cover up hallway smells from cooking or other odours. Less common is the use of scents to improve the mood of residents and help them to better enjoy their home.

At least one New York City luxury condo building utilizes scents in their common areas and individual suites.

Luxury hotels use scents to make the environment more appealing. Toronto’s Trump Hotel relies on scents to improve the mood of guests.

Scents are used by retailers to make people stay longer and spend more money. While more common in boutique or high end retail stores, even Wal-Mart is now experimenting with scents in their stores.

Similar in function to lighting, scents can be used to affect moods. Soft lighting is relaxing. Harsh lighting is not conducive to relaxation and enjoyment.

Scents do not have to be strong or even noticeable. Many are barely discernible. Used effectively, they can be used to affect psychological and physical perceptions.

With so many people focused on their electronic screens nowadays, scents offer a way to help condo residents relax and better appreciate their environment.