Use Road Salt Sparingly

November 2023

Road salt should be used sparingly and has been deemed a hazardous substance by Environment Canada.

We rely on it to create a safer environment for walking and driving during winter.  We then pay for the damage it causes to our waters, landscaping, home and building interiors, cars and parking garages.  It enters our homes on footwear and automobile tires.  Cleaning costs increase, metal corrodes and salt is painful for pets when they walk.  It seeps into concrete and damages rebar necessitating costly repairs.

We use salt in excessive amounts on roads and walkways of our condominium properties as protection against slip-and-fall lawsuits both legitimate and frivolous.  The increased frequency of these lawsuits increases the cost of managing snow and ice.  Reliance on vendors to protect condominium corporations from potential lawsuits is a consequence.

When used, salt should be applied sparingly on a narrow bank of the walkway just wide enough to walk on.  When applied to the margins of a hard surface, it runs off when it melts which damages grass, trees and other greenery.