Urban Short Trip Vehicle – The Twizzy

October 2017

Urban condo dwellers have an increasing range of methods for travelling short distances.

Public transit is no longer the only option for those who do not own an automobile.  For those who prefer an automobile there are taxi cabs, car share and ride share services.  There are also bicycles, e-bikes (also known as motorized bicycles), and e-scooters.

It may not be long before we also have the Twizzy.

The Twizzy is an urban vehicle designed for short trips.

At least one Toronto condo corporation has placed an order for five cars that will be available to its condo residents.  Its intended use is for short trips such as dinner, errands, shopping and to reach local attractions.  It will be available for use as any other amenity paid for by common element fees.

This Renault vehicle is a cross between a scooter and car.  It is an electric vehicle (EV) for two with the passenger seated behind the driver.  It has a maximum speed of 40 km per hour and can travel as far as 100 km per charge.

The Twizzy has sold over 17,000 units in more than 40 countries since 2012.  In Europe, the Twizzy is popular with food delivery services.

When introduced to Canada, up to 600 vehicles will be available in each province.

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