Upgrading your Balcony

May 2022

Upgrading your balcony is an effective way to expand personal space while creating value for your condo home.  This provides more living space at economical cost.

Practically speaking, this means enhancing that concrete slab provided at purchase.

Condominium corporations, which are responsible for maintaining these exclusive use common areas, don’t prohibit such upgrades so long as no potential liability or damage is created.

Darryl Gebien of Outdoor Floors Toronto specializes in the installation of outdoor flooring in high-rise communities.  He offers the following suggestions pertaining to balcony flooring and safe enjoyment of your balcony.

  • Ensure your upgrade conforms to building codes, rules and regulations.
  • Nothing can be attached to the balcony concrete slab or exterior walls without Board approval.
  • When adding flooring, floating floor tiles are not adhered to the concrete slab and can be installed without approval. Be sure flooring does not extend beyond the balcony edge.  If your balcony has hooks used by window washing crews, these should remain accessible.
  • Avoid use of umbrellas and light items that can easily blow off the balcony when windy.