Up on the Roof – The Roof is Getting Crowded

November 2023

Much of the equipment needed to maintain building safety, comfort and efficiency is installed on the roof.

This placement of equipment requires contractors and building staff to navigate ladders and hatches for rooftop access to HVAC systems, ducts, solar panels or other equipment.  Roofing membrane can be slippery when wet.

With recreational spaces so limited, roofs are becoming crowded.  Communities want to make better use of this space by having it more accessible and less dangerous while incorporating some combination of terrace, garden and growing area.  They may desire this space for improving energy efficiency by installing solar panels or converting to a green roof.  Safe access to all roof areas and awareness of potential fall hazards becomes more important.

Transforming your roof for public access can be a complex process.  Engineers need to ensure your roof can handle the additional weight of people, furniture, plantings and anything else it needs to support.  Safe outdoor flooring and access points are required.  Gardening, landscaping, design and maintenance requirements should be considered.