Unsolicited Offer to Sell Your Condo

August 2023

You’ve received an unsolicited offer to sell your condo.  The unit was not for sale but someone wants to live in your building so has taken a more aggressive approach.  With a shortage of units for sale, this is happening more frequently and is known as an unsolicited offer.

The prospective buyer is likely sophisticated and knowledgeable. They know what they want and where they want to live.  They have likely researched the location, building type, unit layout and amenities.  Their search has been narrowed down to one or a few buildings, or possibly specific units.  They are now reaching out to you or a real estate agent in the hope of finding a unit to purchase in the building where they want to live.

Identifying and contacting unit owners in high-rise buildings is harder than reaching out to single-family homeowners, so an aggressive buyer is more likely to contact a real estate broker.

Unsolicited offers differ from “buy-for-cash” letters or unsolicited phone calls where there is no actual buyer and an offered selling price.

If you are considering selling your condominium and receive an unsolicited offer, it means someone is very interested in owning your unit.  Respond to them quickly before they look elsewhere.