Unhide Hidden Parts of your High-Rise Condo Home

March 2019

Showing owners hidden or inaccessible parts of their home can be advantageous to all.

For most a condo building is composed of suites and common areas.  Few consider the hidden or inaccessible parts of their home necessary to its ability to support a large residential population.

Making owners more aware of these areas helps them to understand what is required to keep their home fully functional.  When it comes time to explain significant or unexpected expenditures to owners, an expanded awareness of how their home functions can be helpful.

When a boiler is replaced, take and show before and after pictures.  Explain reasons for the replacement and how the community is expected to benefit in terms of comfort and financial savings.

When a building automation system is installed or updated provide before and after pictures, and identify benefits.

Elevators are sophisticated mechanical and electronic systems.  Let residents see what controls their operation and ability to efficiently transport residents between floors each and every day.

There are likely rooms for major pipe, water and electrical systems.  Let owners to see what these spaces look like.  This helps them to have a better understanding of what directors and the condominium manager work to maintain year in and year out.

Take pictures of the roof and its many features.  Describe how it protects against moisture and heat loss.  Show recent roof work and explain reasons for this work.  Identify systems used by window cleaners.

Periodically put accumulated pictures and information together in a presentation for owners.  This can be particularly helpful when explaining upcoming major expenditures to owners concerned with condo fee increases or a special assessment.