Underground Parking – Preventing Structural Damage

May 2015

Minor “fender benders” in an underground garage can result from insufficient lighting, tight spaces or poor traffic patterns. In addition to the damage to vehicles, the parking area itself can be damaged and eventually require costly repair.

Improved lighting, clear directional arrows and pillar protection can reduce the level of damage and subsequent need for extensive infrastructure repair.

Vehicles required to park close to pillars and posts will eventually swipe or collide with them. Repeated impacts can cause damage to the garage. Damaged pillars and posts can be further damaged by salt, water, corrosion and increased stress.

Wrapping protective material around pillars and posts can reduce both initial structural damage and subsequent degradation.

Structural damage, when identified, could require early replacement when maintenance or repair is not undertaken.

Better lighting can improve visibility and reduce the likelihood of drivers damaging their vehicles or the garage infrastructure. Cameras help identify individuals who may have caused damage to the garage.