Uncomplicating Condo Rules

July 2022

Rules protect quality of life.  They provide structure for enforcing requirements of the Condo Act, declaration and by-laws.

Rules themselves require structure to ensure they are reasonable, enforceable and not in violation of any laws.

Rules should be consistent, unambiguous and easy to follow.  Periodically they should be redistributed.

Notices should be placed in areas to remind residents of rules pertinent to the area where posted.

Rules should be periodically reviewed.  When reviewing or establishing new rules consider the following guidelines:

  • Create new rules only when necessary.
  • Ensure new rules are not in conflict with existing rules. Eliminate existing rules inconsistent with new rules and those which are unenforced or unenforceable.
  • Base rules on governing documents or laws. For example, prohibiting smoking in rules is likely unenforceable if the activity is allowable based on governing documents or local law.
  • Consider how rules are to be enforced, and enforced equally. Avoid rules that cannot be enforced, and those which target specific groups of people based on age, gender, religion or other factors.
  • Write rules so residents understand what is allowed rather than disallowed and include an explanation of why.

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