Types of Conflict of Interest

October 2022

Conflict of interest, as it relates to condominium communities, is frequently misunderstood, misapplied and the cause of unnecessary conflict.

There are two forms of conflict of interest.

Apparent conflict of interest is most common.  A board member or other individual has access to individuals or information upon which they could personally benefit.  Most likely that individual has done nothing wrong and has the best of intentions.  There is nothing improper in these actions regardless of what some may claim or believe.

Definite conflict of interest is when any of the above can be proven.

Conflict of interest does not prohibit anyone from serving on a condo board and can be beneficial to the community when an individual has access to useful information and resources.  Where a definite conflict of interest exists, meaning that an individual can personally benefit from their actions at the expense of the community, it is up to the condo board to make this determination and for the individual to recuse themselves from voting on related matters.