Turnkey Condo Living

March 2020

Imagine home ownership without most of the costs, responsibilities and obligations.  No cutting grass, landscaping, shovelling snow, replacing or repairing equipment, roof repair or raking leaves.  Someone else is responsible for repairing things and helping solve your problems.  You don’t even see the bill!  As a bonus enjoy custom amenities which may include an exercise room, swimming pool and social activities.

This was the promise of condo living.  Its continued and growing popularity is from living up to this promise.

Yet someone must ensure the home is maintained so that all can enjoy it.  For this we have a fourth level of government – democratically elected – subject to the same limitations, criticisms and political motivations as other levels of government.  This government has a responsibility to serve the condo community in accordance with an established set of rules, regulations and legal obligations.  Condo owners have a legal responsibility to pay the costs of managing and maintaining this shared home.

The system isn’t perfect.  Some people must step up and volunteer for management roles in this government.  At times the wrong individuals get elected and problems arise.  Condo owners are responsible for electing these individuals to serve as directors of the corporation, and become financially accountable when the wrong people are elected.

Condo living is a lifestyle that, once discovered, few choose to abandon.