Trishaw Rides for Seniors

April 2022

Hamilton seniors are receiving complimentary rides on the waterfront in a trishaw.

A trishaw is a three-wheeled electric cycle; two wheels up front, one wheel at the back, with a red hood covering a cushioned seat in front.

A tour guide sits at the back and pedals the trishaw with help from an electric motor while pointing out scenery, swans and herons on the water, and landmarks.  Hour long tours begin at the waterfront trail and go to Princess Point before circling back.  Seniors can ask the tour to stop for photos next to Theodore the Tugboat or along the water.

The tour allows seniors to see and enjoy areas they have never gone to.

Trishaw rides are offered by the Hamilton and Burlington chapter of Cycling without Age.  This is a worldwide organization helping seniors experience cycling and the outdoors with slow piloted rides using trained volunteers.  The organization has more than 2,500 chapters.  There are nearly 40 chapters in Canada including Toronto, Hamilton and Burlington, and Ottawa.

The trishaw was purchased at a cost of $18,000 with support from McMaster University, Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority (HOPA), Hamilton Trike and ‘bent, and New Hope Community Bikes.  The Hamilton and Burlington chapter of Cycling without Age is trying to secure funding to purchase five trishaws.

Information about Cycling without Age is available at  Canadian chapters are listed at

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