Trash Reduction Saves Money

January 2014

Waste management is relatively simple.

Waste from condo units must be delivered to a central collection point, typically on the ground floor. For convenience there may be a collection point on every floor. The condo corporation pays a fee based on the amount of landfill waste that must be removed.

Items that can be diverted to either organics or dry recycling can reduce the amount of waste by up to 90%.

Since there is no charge for taking away organics or recycling, this results in a cost-saving for the condo. To realize these savings, the condo must invest in an effective education program to ensure that as much as possible goes into Blue Box recycling and Green Bin organics.

Actual savings from effective waste reduction policies can be in the range of 50% to 75%, or tens of thousands of dollars in savings each year.

Assuming that your condo spends $20,000 or more each year on waste removal, imagine what could be done with the $15,000 or so which could be saved each year through effective waste management.


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