Transitioning from Bulletin Boards to Electronic Notice Boards

July 2016

Electronic notice boards are one of the most effective innovations in condo communications. They can be used to build community, promote in-building programs and meetings, or as a source of revenue to promote local businesses.

In an elevator, electronic notice boards have a captive audience for the few minutes they are in the elevator cab. During these few minutes information on the electronic notice board can be digested or ignored. It depends on how this information is communicated.

Used effectively, electronic notice boards can communicate more information to residents and in a manner that is noticed.

Posting text heavy messages on an electronic notice board is unlikely to be noticed. This is a medium requiring message presentation that attracts the attention of the audience – effective use of larger text, graphics, colour and properly crafted messages. Anything less is screen clutter that is easily ignored.

While bulletin boards can support one or two notices at a time, electronic notice boards can support ten or more notices. Changing messages add variety to an elevator ride and help keep attention focused on the electronic notice board.

Some frown on the use of electronic notice boards for advertising. Yet this can be an effective way to make residents aware of their local surroundings while generating funds for internal events or programming.

A large screen electronic notice board situated in the lobby, near elevators, or above a concierge desk is another way to use this technology to communicate with condo residents at a location and time when they tend to be receptive to such communication.

Investing in electronic notice boards is a commitment to improved communications with residents. This requires skills and expertise not typically found in the skill set of property managers. While property managers can and should control the general content of electronic notice board messaging, effective communications requires that someone else handle the creation and management of electronic notice board content.

Effective condo communications means more residents are better informed about condo corporation activities. It means more recycling and organics collection, and lower trash
collection bills. It means more residents are aware of and participate in programming.

If you have invested in electronic notice boards, now is the time to make sure you use them correctly.

Toronto Condo News’ Condo Consulting Services will take your older communications and convert them for use on electronic notice boards. For information call (416)721-8247 or send an e-mail to

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