Transition your Balcony to Year-Round Use

November 2022

Use of your balcony does not need to be restricted to warmer months.  It can become a year-round playroom for children, lounging, dining and barbecuing (where allowed).  It can become a place to sit outside on chilly evenings, read a book, converse and share a glass of wine.

It begins with outdoor flooring that will not damage the concrete below.

An outdoor balcony can be made warm and cozy by incorporating lighting, furniture, fire and water features, curtains, decorative panels, fabrics and accessories to create an all-season space.

An electric heater can make the space comfortable on all but the coldest of days.  Decorative panels can make the space look enticing while helping to retain heat.  Use all-season furniture and throw blankets, stored in a basket next to your seating, to help keep warm.  Decorative lanterns can provide a soft light to warm up that outdoor space.  Lights that shine up or down, rather than out and away, provide a more enticing environment.  Hang curtains to a cable using clips to make a balcony look cozy, provide protection from the wind, and help retain heat.

Extending your high-rise home by making the balcony more livable year-round is a great way to make better use of your private space.