Touchless Security

November 2022

Homes have become more than a living space.  They are where we work, exercise or study.  With more happening in the home, there is greater interest in touchless systems for security and access.

Nowhere is touchless security more important than in high-rise buildings where hundreds of people live, work and play within each community.  The demands for dealing with growing package deliveries, providing access to common spaces, and protection of both personal and work assets is greater than ever.

Touchless Entry Systems

The pandemic has created interest in contactless and touchless solutions.  A touchless sensor can be integrated with an access control system to detect motion such as hand waving or walking past a sensor to automatically open a door.  An individual triggers a sensor as they walk past an area.  This may open a door or allow for communication with a front desk located elsewhere.  As more work from home, this approach is increasingly popular to facilitate deliveries of packages, groceries and food.

Smartphone Integration

The vast majority or residents now have access to a personal mobile device or smartphone.  It is logical to make greater use of this popular technology.  While not everyone is comfortable using smartphone-based applications, the vast majority of residents are comfortable with the technology and find it preferable to other approaches.

Condo management software has been enhanced to better utilize personal mobile devices.  Packages received in a building may be scanned using a personal smartphone.  The delivery address is read by package management software and a resident is informed of its availability for retrieval.  This allows fewer staff to manage a larger flow of package deliveries.

Security and Building Access

For security, the ideal is to have audio communication systems combined with visual verification.  It is no longer adequate to hear a voice through an intercom, scan a card or push a button.  Before anyone is granted access to a building there should be visual verification to ensure they are who they say they are.

Personal mobile devices offer an ideal solution for managing access in high-rise communities with an exercise room, swimming pool and other amenities.  Residents can use their mobile device to access a building lobby, elevator and their unit.  Guests can be admitted to the building lobby using a smartphone even when not at home.  In buildings with an unattended lobby, delivery people can be admitted to the building by residents after their identify has been visually verified using the smartphone for both viewing and access.

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