Toronto Implements Fines for Improper Waste Separation

Toronto is ramping up its waste diversion efforts.

After allowing condo corporations years to educate residents about waste diversion, the city is now implementing fees to those corporations where residents are not yet properly separating their waste.

During this time condo corporations were expected to develop a waste separation program and implement programs to educate residents about waste separation. The city has made available materials for distribution to residents and posting in disposal areas.  It also provides information in an annual calendar delivered to residents.

Where condo corporations are not yet meeting the standards for separation of garbage, recycling and organics the corporation is being charged a fee for contaminated waste collected by the city. Buildings may be charged this fee when recycled and organic materials are mixed with garbage, or when black bags are mixed with recycling.

Corporations can be charged up to $50,000 for a first offence and $100,000 for subsequent offences.

The city can choose to discontinue collection services thus requiring the use of a private waste collection service at additional cost. Thus far, known fines have amounted to hundreds of dollars for a building.


Publication Date: March 2017