Tips for Waste Management in Condos

January 2014

  • Recycling items should be placed loose in bins rather than in bags. Items in bags are treated as landfill garbage.
  • The City of Toronto’s Blue Box recycling program is not able to accept coffee cup pod and disc products such as Tassimo. Such items must, unfortunately, go into landfill waste.
  • Waste for any unit should be deposited only in the in the Refuse Room on the floor or the central Trash/Recycling Room.
  • Employ sufficient staff to empty bins regularly in the Trash/Recycling Room, to collect organics from the Refuse Room and to empty trash bins located elsewhere in the building.
  • Enforcement is important. Ensure residents are aware of building waste management policies. Residents and especially Environment Committee members should be encouraged to communicate helpful information to neighbours who are doing the wrong thing.
  • Devise a system to educate new residents on 3-way sorting and perhaps have an Environment Committee member pay them a visit.

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