The Secretary of your Condo Board

August 2022

Your condominium corporation must have a board of directors with the two required positions being president and secretary.  Additional positions likely include vice president and treasurer.

The secretary title is deceiving to those who think of an assistant answering the phone.  It requires a  well-organized individual with good communication skills who is responsible and detailed.

Some of the duties for secretary include:

Records Management

The secretary is custodian for most of the corporation’s official documents.  This includes meeting minutes, resident and owner lists, voting records and other official documents.  Their role is to maintain and organize these records, and ensure they are accessible as required, to those entitled to access them.

Meeting Agenda

The secretary may work closely with the president to develop meeting agendas, and ensure they are distributed inclusive of proper notice in compliance with governing documents and local laws.  An agenda, properly prepared and distributed in advance, ensures meeting participants are prepared for their meetings.  Adhered to, an agenda ensures meetings run smoothly, productively and efficiently.


Meeting Minutes

Taking minutes is an essential duty.  Meeting minutes are an official record of actions and decisions by board members at a board meeting.  The task may be assigned to the condominium  manager, recording secretary or a professional minute taker.

Minutes are an integral part of due process and transparency, and are recognized by the Condo Act which requires that condo corporations maintain a minute book.  Without meeting minutes, it is as if a condo board meeting never took place.  There is no record of what was said, by whom or what decisions were made.  Decisions or actions taken by the board can be questioned by any owner or resident who wishes to do so.  Without meeting minutes there may be no way for a board to defend itself in court should they be required to do so.

Other duties include serving as signatory or witness on official documents, filing of official forms with government agencies, and ensuring documents meet legal requirements.

Technology solutions and service providers can aid in efficient management and access to the corporation’s official documents, and other information to be shared with owners or residents.  These include:

  • Condo management software and apps for management of records and communications
  • Professional minute takers
  • Voting software which includes distribution of proper notices for annual general meetings
  • Meeting software for conducting virtual meetings where physical attendance is not required