The Next Big Thing in Amenities

February 2019

Condo residents love their amenities.  They extend the living space of smaller suites and provide access to services that would otherwise be unavailable.  They are an integral part of the quality lifestyle provided by condo living.

Over time, interest in desired amenities will change.  Some become more popular while others evolve.  What was once popular may no longer be used by enough people to justify their cost and space.

Nice lobbies remain important to communicating a certain image.  Some condo communities cherish their swimming pool while others allow it to become outdated, old or just no longer used.

One of the more popular amenities is internet access.  Wi-Fi access, or wireless internet, is desirable in common areas inclusive of lobbies, hallways, fitness rooms, meeting rooms and activity spaces.  Lounge areas with seating and Wi-Fi access become working and homework spaces.  Building-wide services for internet access within suites are increasingly popular.

At one time refrigerated storage rooms were thought to be a good idea for grocery deliveries.  Grocery delivery services have proven capable of timing deliveries for when residents are home thus eliminating the need for temporary storage space for perishables.

Virtual doorman technology is increasingly popular.  Buildings without 24-hour concierge or security services can utilize virtual doorman technology allowing residents to obtain desired services, receive notifications and security at reduced cost.  Some buildings have been able to redirect funds to hiring a porter able to travel throughout the building helping residents move items, complete minor repairs or assist in other ways.

Lounge services have evolved or been repurposed.  Card or party rooms intended for relaxation, card games or parties have been replaced with a fitness centre, spinning room or yoga space.  The trend seems to be toward spaces and equipment available at any time without requiring residents to sign up.

Laundry services are popular even when suites have a washer and dryer.  Local services will pick-up and drop-off items for cleaning and minor repairs.  Some buildings include secure lockers for residents to leave or pick-up items at any hour of the day.

Common area space can be hard to find in high-rise buildings.  Increasingly, condo roofs are being used for outdoor lounge areas, barbeque space, swimming pools or gardening areas.  Comfortable outdoor seating, nighttime lighting, plantings and security cameras can make this space extremely popular during summer months.

Condo amenities will continue to evolve.  Re-evaluating amenity use every couple of years is part of providing a mix of common area services valued by those who reside in a building.