The Most Popular Condo Amenity

October 2016

What is the most popular amenity in a condo building?

Exercise room? Swimming pool? Card room?

Real estate agents may suggest that condo suites in buildings with activities, social programming and residents active in management of the corporation sell for a premium over neighbouring condo buildings.

The most popular amenity in a condo building, if usage is the determining factor, may be its online property management software.

Online property management technology is a key component allowing condo boards and management to communicate more effectively with residents while reducing manpower and saving money. This means fewer financial resources for necessities of condo building management and more for lifestyle enhancement. Property management software helps keep condo fees down by reducing a wide range of operational expenses.

Combined with smartphone technology, it no longer becomes necessary for a condominium manager to be on site to effectively deal with resident and building matters. More frequent and effective communications means residents are better serviced than they would otherwise be by someone sitting in the building’s management office.

At one time online property management technology was limited to high-end luxury condo buildings. Today the technology is available to any condo corporation.

Today, online property management technology is available without having a technology specialist working on site. This technology is simpler than sending an e-mail or managing voice mail. Online property management technology simplifies condo activities such as maintenance requests, visitor and security management, package pickup and delivery management, and amenity bookings. Its ease-of-use simplifies communication with individual residents, groups of residents or all residents.

Condo buyers value their time ahead of many amenities. They rely on their smartphones, iPads and computers for communications and want their condo corporation to keep up.

Online property management technology is becoming a necessity for any forward thinking condo corporation.