The Indoor Generation

June 2020

Canadians think they spend 68 percent of their time indoors.  We actually spend 90 percent of our time indoor according to a survey conducted by the Velux Group.  For condo dwellers, time spent indoors may be even higher.

The survey found that 25 percent of people claim to spend 21 or more hours indoor each day.  Other research has found that people spend far more time indoor than they realize.  Much of this time is spent in dark, poorly ventilated and unhealthy spaces.

A large and growing number of people spend the vast majority of their time indoor compared to prior generations.  The culprit, in many cases, is technology.  It is far too easy to spend entire days indoor watching television, using the internet and playing games on electronic devices.

High-rise condo communities contribute to this trend.  It is no longer necessary for condo dwellers to step outside on most days.  With condo management taking responsibility for management of the home, there is far less that needs to be done.  This allows more time for being entertained by technology.  For those who reside along a subway line attached to their building, even commuting to work or other destinations is an indoor activity.  People suffering from anxiety, depression or other disorders can avoid leaving their home most days and are more likely to endure these problems in isolation.

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