The Ideal of Condo Living

May 2021

Residential building developers know what condo buyers desire and target their advertising accordingly.  They know the reality of condo living differs from their depiction which explains much of the fine print and legal disclaimers.

Developers present condo living as an attainable paradise offering convenience and elegance with an amazing array of pristine amenities.  Everyone is happy and gets along.  The sun is always shining.

The reality is a little different.  Differing lifestyles cause conflict.  An elevator breaks down.  A neighbour plays loud music while another’s smoking is allowed to bother others.  Condo rules get ignored.  A condo board makes decisions that divide the community.

Condo living is presented as an ideal lifestyle not unlike how suburban homes are idealized.  The depiction works as more than 50 percent of Torontonians now reside in a condo.  It also works because most are happy with condo living.

Every form of housing has its challenges.  Condo living, however, seems closer to the ideal.  Amenities that would otherwise be unattainable are available for those that desire them.  Someone else handles most of the home maintenance and pays the bills.  The condo resident’s primary obligations are to adhere to an established set of rules, pay condo fees on time and contact management when concerns arise.

Life couldn’t be simpler.  No wonder interest in condo living continues to grow.