The Condo President

April 2021

Among condo directors the president holds a unique position.  This is the only role that must be filled by a director elected by condo owners.  Other directors may be appointed to their role.

The role of president is not clearly defined.  They have no power beyond that of other directors and board members unless specifically stated in governing documents.

The president fulfills a crucial and substantial administrative role for the condo corporation.  They are the primary point of contact for consultants and advisors to the corporation, and the spokesperson when dealing with individuals, vendors and others.  Board and owner meetings are run by the president.

The president generally has no authority to make unilateral decisions.  They have no authority to dictate any outcome.  The president casts a single vote as a board member.  Condo board decisions are determined by a majority vote after a meeting has achieved quorum.

There is no procedure allowing owners to remove the president.  Board members who may have lost faith in the president could vote to replace an individual in this role with another who has been elected by condo owners.  In this situation the individual would remain a director and board member.