The Big Quit

January 2022

This past summer more people quit working than ever before and this appears to be just the beginning.

Every industry is being affected but especially in leisure and hospitality.  This includes hotel clerks, restaurant servers, and those providing landscaping and gardening services.  Anybody who is young and making a lower wage is finding it easier and more lucrative to remain at home while collecting money paid by government.

You may wonder what this has to do with condominium management.  Well, those who provide cleaning, security and concierge services are part of this group.  Your contractors may be delaying work in your building until they find suitable employees.  Supply chains have been disrupted by employee shortages causing delivery delays and increasing costs.

Since the 1980s, more have continued to work in jobs that pay poorly for fear they couldn’t survive until finding a new one.  Today’s poorly paid employees are finished with this and are being rewarded.  Wages for low-income workers are on the rise.  Condominium corporations will have to pay more, and increase condo fees, if they want to retain cleaning, concierge and security staff.

Too many condominium employees are fed up with their low salaries and mistreatment by some condominium boards and residents.  With more people at home working, cooking, caring for kids, entertaining themselves and being schooled, and more choosing to retire, building employees are under greater pressure.  Pandemic-induced government benefits are the impetus for them to act.

The Big Quit will continue to impact on high-rise living, management and costs for quite some time.