The Agenda

April 2019

Condo living, Toronto’s most popular form of housing, is  prompting some to suggest controversy where none exists.

In a February 22, 2019 segment of The Agenda the topic was Are Ontario’s Condos Well Governed. Steve Paikin, the host, had three guests: Megan Mackey, condo lawyer with Shibley Righton; Audrey McGuire, ACMO President; and Holland Marshall, Condomadness.

Conversation quickly focused on a condemnation of renters when Megan Mackey, who typically presents a more balanced perspective, stated renters “usually don’t take care of the building like owners would”.  She elaborated with examples of problems presenting renters in the worst possible light suggesting this is typical of most condo buildings.  Ms. Mackey failed to mention that condo boards, her clients, and condo landlords have authority and obligation to address such problems where they persist.  Presumably, this stance will prompt  questions and concern from Shibley Righton condominium corporation clients, nearly all of which likely allow rentals in their buildings and hopefully are well governed.  Ms. McGuire remained silent during these comments.

It was up to Holland Marshall, typically known for documenting some of the worst problems associated with condo living, to remind everyone that problems in condo communities are rare and that condo living works well for the majority of people.

Ms. Mackey did not respond to a Toronto Condo News inquiry seeking clarification of her comments.

See the entire segment at beginning at 6:20.